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 The aim was to avoid show tunes as far as possible, to try and include lots of music that the audience are familiar with, to try and include items that will be “in vouge”, and we haven’t been scared to use songs that we have used before , even recently. We have ditched some song slots to arrive a nice umber and selection of songs.There are a number of songs where principals are included as well. In some of these we shall ensure that certain principals have a minimum of movement !!!!

 OVERTURE John to concoct !

Page 2 I’m So Excited Muddles / Ch / Dan / Jun

Page 3 If You Want some Sweeties (short !) Dame

Page 6 I’m Walking on Sunshine Ch / Dan / Jun / King / Queen / Muddles / Fetch / Carry / Fairy

Page 9 You Can do Magic Juniors tap / Fairy with them and may sing part.

Page 15 Rockin’ all over the World Rose / Chorus / Dancers

Page 19 Another Brick in the Wall Ch / Dan / Rose / Muddles / Dame / Fetch / Carry

Page 20 Aint No Mountain High Enough Prince

Page 22 Reach for the Stars (S Club 7 !) Ch / Dan/ Jun / King / Queen / Muddles / Fetch / Carry / Rose

Page 23 Rhythm is a dancer (NOT SUNG) as above + dame – danced


Page 26 Cant Take My Eyes Off of You (from High School Musical) Prince and Rose

Page 28 The Time Warp Ch / Dan / Juns ? / all principals as page 22 apart from Rose

Page 31 Land of Make Believe Fairy (the song where everyone falls asleep – In the story !)

Page 31 I Put a Spell On You Witch / Dancers

Page 33 The Dream Sequence – Nuttycracker Suite (From Modern Millie !!) Including Dancers Tap NOT SUNG

Page 34 The UV Sequence – growing forest – Night On Bald Mountain – NOT SUNG

Page 36 There Must be an Angel Playing with my Heart Rose

Page 37 You Cant Stop the Beat (Hairsp ray) Ch / Dan / Juns / King / Queen / Fetch / Carry/ Muddles/ Dame/ Fairy / Witch / Prince / Rose

Page 38 Audience Participation – still to be chosen (will be done by Prince and Muddles)

Page 38 FINALE Were in This Together (From High School Musical) – Full Company

The scenes in which chorus and dancers are involved ACTING are :

Page 2 – following opening number

Page 5

Pages 9-12 (christening scene)

Pages 15-19 (Schoolroom scene)

Page 23 (Party)

Pages 29-31 (Doped princess into the sleeping scene)

Page 36 - 37 (waking up)

Last Updated 12/10/2007